Global Specifics – the simplest and most efficient way to improve your presentations04 October 2009

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In my professional life I often come across experts. The more technical and detailed their knowledge, the more reluctant they seem to be to generalise. Nothing quite captures the essence of what they’re describing than – you guessed it – lots of detail.

These people pay me to generalise for them, to draw some general conclusions and map the wood grown from their trees. But even my accountant – and I pay her – suffers from the affliction:

Me: How much do you think my tax bill will be this January?
Accountant: I’ll look into it and let you know
Me: But roughly..?
Accountant (starting to get nervous): I’d need to see the figures.
Me: Will it be the same as last January?
Accountant: Yes – unless you’ve earned more or less than last year.

In NLP terms, my accountant has a “Specific” working style as opposed to my “Global” one. If she’d replied “About the same as last year” I would have been happy, but she would not have been.

If you are a marketeer, politician, brand consultant or other high-concept Global type you will be known as a bullshitter by those with the Specific working style. Whereas you will view them as nerdy anorak pencilled-necked geeks or some such term of endearment.

But I put differences aside with my clients by asking the  corresponding questions:

Questions to help Specific people be more Global, big picture and abstract
What is this an example of?
For what purpose?
What is your intention?
What is important about…?
What will this achieve?
Why is this important?
(What’s the big idea?)

Questions to help Global people be more Specific, detailed and

What will this allow you to do?
What are examples of this?
What specifically?
In what way precisely will this affect you?
Can you describe…?
Give me an instance?
(Prove it or show me!)

Including the answers to these questions helps you to balance your working style in your presentations. If you are Specific, I can help you clarify and emphasise your key messages. If you are Global, I can help you to be more credible and clear through the inclusion of specific examples.

It takes all sorts (Global) and now you know precisely what sorts, and exactly how to use them together (Specific). Happy? If not, send a sample of your presentation to the Bizlike Organisation for fast, efficient advice.
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    Hello from Russia!
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    Very interesting and amusing subject. I read with great pleasure.

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