10 alternatives to telling those nice telesales people (who are only doing their jobs after all) to fuck off23 May 2011

go No:1 My cabs just arrived, mate No:2 My mum and dad are out (extra fun if you’re in your 50s)

site de rencontres pour célibataires exigeants No:3 We just rent the place – you’d need to talk to the landlord – I can give you his number but he’s hard to get hold of, so if you do speak to him could you remind him about – hello? No:4 There’s no-one of that name here lady – oh sorry mum!

volumi nelle opzioni binarie No:5 We use a local firm

köpa Tadalafil Örebro No:6 Yes, we could change energy suppliers but I usually find that the one we just switched from suddenly gets cheaper, making the whole exercise a waste of time

sätta in pengar via forex No:7 I’m sorry, my bank deals with all this. Oh! You are my bank…

binУЄre option gewinne versteuern No:8 You’d like to talk to him/her? So would I! She/he ran off with my best friend last week – that *@#¥ – when I get hold of them – hello? No:9 If only I’d known this earlier I wouldn’t have wasted all my money and now I’ve got none to give you

binäre option gratis probiren No:10 Look, please don’t take this personally but could you just fuck off?

(OK sorry, that was only nine things but hey, sue me. What! You’ve got a no-win no-fee lawyer? Damn, where was that number…)

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