An introduction to Sociodrama: Strangers on a plane14 June 2009


Moreno devised two modalities to facilitate exploration of role: sociodrama for collective components and psychodrama for private components.
Sternberg and Garcia: “Who’s in Your Shoes?”

SCENE ONE: Charles de Gaulle airport. Enter two men separately who join the same check-in queue.

First man to second:
What’s holding us up? Oh look its those chavs with all the kids – I wouldn’t give that push-chair to the baggage handlers here – they’re lethal! I thought you were French… They’ve been to (well-known theme-park) – I worked there for ten years, I was a cast-member. On two bottles of wine a day I was by the end – the stress sent me alcoholic.

(theme of Sociodrama: keeping up appearances)

SCENE TWO: A bar beyond passport control.

First man to second:
Thanks – you on business? I’ve just been to see my son – he lives with my ex-wife. He’s French, same as her. My girlfriend’s thrown me out – she’s taken her husband back, I don’t know why – she told me he was rubbish in bed. Now I’ve got to stay at my mother’s. No – I’ll get these.

(theme of Sociodrama: matrimony and parenthood)

SCENE THREE: In the queue at security

First man to second:
I hate this bit. He’s tall for a Japanese isn’t he? Look at my passport photo – that’s two years ago. I’ve got contacts now and a better hairdresser! Here we go – careful what you say to them – I’ve had the rubber-glove job. Twice.

(theme of Sociodrama: identity)

SCENE FOUR: on the aircraft.

First man to second:
So you teach public-speaking? Have you ever done any couriering? You just take a package as hand luggage. I took a CD to Milan once for £300 all expenses paid. Oh, they let you open the package to see what you’re carrying. It was for Ferrari. I copied it onto my laptop – it was all aerodynamic settings for the bodywork. I hate take-off – did you know that the black-box is actually orange? So they can find it in the charred wreckage. My wife put us into a lot of debt and I had a bit of a breakdown. You’re OK you are, you know? You’re easy to talk to. That guy in front of us at check-in – with his Ralph Lauren suit and his Ralph Lauren luggage, on the phone to his Ralph Lauren wife…! Yes, thanks. Same again. You’re not driving are you?!

(theme of Sociodrama: materialism)

SCENE FIVE: Arrivals lounge at East Midlands

First man to second:
Well I’d better phone my mother then. And get a taxi. She’ll be surprised… Take care.

(theme of Sociodrama: homelessness)

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