Hipsters of Planet Earth16 July 2009

docklands night blog

Hipsters of planet Earth don’t just stand there leaning, we need money We need money and a plan. We need a plan, money and somewhere to lean 9:52 PM Mar 26th from web

With the money we’ll buy up an ailing IT corporate: suits, geeks and bags of bandwidth. That’s the plan, await further instructions. Lean to 9:55 PM Mar 26th from web

Right, that’s done. Now taking advantage of heavily discounted prices we make a highly leveraged bid for every other corporate on the planet 9:59 PM Mar 26th from web

Wow that took a while. Who’d have thought the banks would be so mean? But now we own everything including the banks so keep the money folks! 10:03 PM Mar 26th from web

That was a Thweatre piece, brought to you by Bizlike-Owners-of-Everything plc. The cost of this tweet has been charged to your credit card. X 10:06 PM Mar 26th from web

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