The men, the music and the media06 September 2009

JOC book

Five reasons to read “The Junior Officers Reading Club” by Patrick Hennessey (published by Allen Lane)

1. Though we’ve successfully wedged the i-pod speakers into the dashboard of the WMIK (a weapons mounted installation kit: a stripped-down and up-gunned Land Rover) the combination of wind and static crackle on the radio is drowning out even Metallica’s ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’ which – after extensive debate – has pipped Too Many DJs Prodigy vs Enya ‘Smack My Bitch Up (Orinoco Flow)’ as the soundtrack of choice for our first foray ‘OUT’ (page 21)
2. The RAF crew as we’d landed had capitulated to the yankeeism that’s everywhere and played The Killers over the C130 intercom, and it was still playing in my head, ‘boy, one day you’ll be a man,’ as we drank in the city through the open chopper doors (page 157)
3. We’re appreciative of the lift of 2 Many DJs mash ups or AVH’s ‘My My My’ as we cock pistols or fix bayonets and charge once more into the labyrinth of stone and goats and rabid dogs (page 176)
4. Of course there weren’t enough vehicles and of course communications were rubbish, of course we needed more helicopters and of course the boys were tired, but it had ever been and would ever be thus. No army in the world ever had all it needed, no commander ever suffered from too many resources, and the funny thing was we resented the presumptuous journalism more than the shortages (page 197)
5. Nothing rankled more than having friends and colleagues spun by clueless, career-politician dickheads (page 272)

The Bizlike Organisation apologies unreservedly for any infringement of copyright, but you’ll sell more books now, won’t you? Buy this book.

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  1. Mrs Bizlike

    So that’s what’s been keeping you busy – can I borrow it or do I have to buy my own? Mrs B

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