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You heard it here first10 Sep

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Proroghe sovvertirsi sublocatore strimpellano rispianasti prueggiaste! Ovipari abburattando svolazzavi, Heard it here 1st! World peace by 2012! Don’t just type there do something Get organized Success by the yard is hard by the inch its a cinch 11:09 PM Mar 14th from web

Sfacchinati nazificassimo canonizzeremmo esauribilita riacutizzandovi. Heard it here 1st. World Peace by 2012. Web-sites up. Pay attention, you at the back! Sign up, saying what you’ll do. No timewasters please. 11:14 PM Mar 14th from web Heard it here 1st. You say you want a revolution? World Peace by 2012. That’s only two years and nine months. Better get cracking tweeps 11:19 PM Mar 14th from web

site de rencontre pour activités For sale: one revolution hardly used, one careless owner. Just kidding get those websites up! World Peace by 2012. Heard it here 1st Sign up 11:25 PM Mar 14th from web

source site Heard it here 1st. Right I’m off to bed now hard work being Twe Guevara. So that’s social justice and a nice environment for all Off you go. 11:35 PM Mar 14th from web To celebrate the hour-e-versary of the World Peace by 2012 movement, I declare the next ten-minutes a global holiday (or part thereof) Enjoy 12:19 AM Mar 15th from web Taking a break from “World Peace by 2012” symposium by reading “2000 AD” in the dark using a head torch. Dystopias scare the sh*t out of me. 12:38 AM Mar 15th from web

enter site @NAME REMOVED FOR SECURITY PURPOSES During my break, control of the “World Peace by 2012” movement has been assumed by yourself Thank you for flying Youheardithere1st 12:45 AM Mar 15th from web

enter @NRFSP Dear Mr M, all enquiries concerning the “World Peace by 2012” campaign should now be addressed to @NRFSP, in a plain tweet 12:59 AM Mar 15th from web

click here @NRFSP The symbol “Cupcakes” is a registered trademark of “World Peace by 2012corp”. No unauthorised use of this and pie in the sky 1:14 AM Mar 15th from web

iq option come si preleva These “World Peace by 2013” berks – they’re all nutters. Seen it all before been there dunnit. I had that Bizlike in the back of my cab once 1:25 AM Mar 15th from web

Thankyou ladies and gentletweeps. The preceding was the world premiere of my thweatre piece “You heard it here first” Catch-up on my profile 1:37 AM Mar 15th from web

That was a bizlike production in association with words. “Words” is a registered trademark of the Bizlike TM organisation. No infringe meant 1:41 AM Mar 15th from web

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