Fairy Stories

The Sneeze of a Dragon and the Kiss of the Witch: kids version18 September 2009


In the olden days the people knew the might of a king by the number of dragons he possessed. No one argued with a king who had lots of dragons, well not for long anyway…
But keeping dragons was a difficult business, especially when, as often happened, the dragons caught a cold. It can be very damaging to your castle when your dragons, suddenly without warning, exhale yards of flaming, sticky dragon-sneeze.
But King Llewellyn had been caught like that before and after the loss of several towers he kept his dragons in another valley where they lived in holes in the cliffs between his castle and the sea.
This action prevented further loss to his property but caused him to worry: If his enemies attacked his castle, how quickly could he get word to the dragon-master to bring the fiery beasts to his aid?
The King’s wife had an idea: an enchanted, battle-proof knight who would fight any enemy and cross to the other valley to summon the beasts.
The knights of King Llewellyn’s castle were brave young men, sworn to defend his realm. They amused themselves by performing acts of bravery, often walking the towers and battlements blindfolded to attract the attention of passing witches. Witches love to fly, with or without broomsticks, and if you stand on a high hill or cliff or tower and you look down, that lurching feeling in your stomach, that is a witch passing through you and so you feel their exhilaration. And if a brave man is kissed by a witch, he will never be afraid because he knows wherever he is and whatever befalls him she will find him and take him away to be with her forever, living from one exhilarating kiss to the next, always falling, falling in love. For the witch is a most faithful women to the bravest and the truest.
So the King’s wife found the bravest knight who had walked the battlements blindfold most and who had been kissed by a witch. And when King Llewellyn’s enemies laid siege to his castle the bravest knight was wild, fierce, unstoppable by mortal force and will and fought his way across the valley, howling for his witch and leaving behind a path of blood, bone and broken steel. And he succeeded in summoning the dragon-master who set loose the King’s dragons that burnt all his enemies to a fine black ash.
And as the brave knight lay dying, his witch came and took him away to be with her forever, living from one exhilarating kiss to the next, always falling, falling in love. For the witch was a most faithful women to the bravest and the truest of the King’s men.
And King Llewellyn and his Queen and all his knights and all his subjects lived peacefully and brave young men standing on the ruined towers of his castle may still, to this day, feel the kiss of the witch.

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